Thursday , December 1 2022
Trump witness intimidation

1/6 Committee Member Suggests Trump Has Been Busted Illegally Funneling Donor Money To Witness Tampering

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1/6 Committee member Rep. Zoe Lofgren suggested that Trump has been using money from donors to fund a witness tampering operation.


Rep. Lofgren told CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

As you know, in a prior hearing, we talked about the hundreds of millions of dollars that the former president raised. Some of that money is being used to pay for lawyers for witnesses. 

And it’s not clear that that arrangement is one that is without coercion, potential for some of those witnesses. So, let’s just say this. It’s a concern. And anyone who is trying to dissuade or tamper a witness should be on notice that that’s a crime. And we are perfectly prepared to provide any evidence we have to the proper authorities.

The 1/6 Committee doesn’t mention things without a reason. The Committee brought up witness intimidation because they have reason to believe that Donald Trump is intimidating witnesses,

If Trump is using donor money to intimidate witnesses, that is a crime, and it could be one that the Justice Department will be very interested in.

The overall perception is that the 1/6 Committee is extremely well prepared and appears to have Donald Trump nailed.

The path to Trump being criminally charged could be his campaign of witness intimidation against 1/6 Committee witnesses.

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