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4 Miracle masks for black hair

4 Miracle masks for black hair

These miracle hair masks are guaranteed to rejuvenate you hair and breathe new life, moisture and lustre into your fro.

We have all experienced how black hair can change depending on a range of factors. One minute your hair is healthy and bouncing, next its dry and damaged.

Afro hair needs a lot more care and attention that any other hair type and it’s important that you know what works best with your hair.

During harmattan for instance, hair will become dry and brittle so it’s important to make sure it stays moisturised to stop it from breaking. Thankfully, there are a lot of natural ingredients, most you can find at home in your kitchen that can help heal your hair and protect it from the elements.

Here are a few miracle hair masks for you to try out today.

The honey will restore shine to the hair while olive oil restores moisture. The treatment is then enhanced with rosemary to help stimulate healthy hair growth.

1/2 cup of honey1/4 cup of warmed olive oil4 drops of rosemary oil1 teaspoon of xanthan gum (found in the baking section of supermarkets)

Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. Apply mixture to damp hair and gently massage into the scalp and hair until completely covered.

Cover hair with a shower cap or warm towel and leave in for approximately 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse with cold water.

1/2 of peeled and mashed avocado1/2 cup of mayonnaise3-4 drops of vitamin E oil

Add Vitamin E to avocado and mayonnaise and either mash with a fork or use a blender to combine.

Apply mixture to hair until completely coated then cover hair with a shower cap, for deep conditioning wrap hair with a warm towel instead. Leave in for approximately 20 minutes and then rinse well. You can apply recipe to damaged ends only if you wish.

DIY HAIR MASK For Natural Hair Growth:Onion & Ginger Juice Recipe

Okay, so slathering onion juice all over your hair doesn’t sound very appealing; that is until you realise it stimulates hair growth. An onion and ginger mask helps cure excessive breakage and thinning hair by nourishing strands with critical minerals. Perhaps adding lemon, peppermint, or orange extract to the mixture will help mask its strong smell.

NATURAL HAIR| ALOE Vera Deep Conditioning Treatment

There’s no denying the amazing benefits of castor oil. Combined with fresh aloe vera gel for added nutrition and virgin coconut oil for moisturising, Jamaican black castor oil revives dry, brittle hair. Breathe life back into your coils with this winning combo.

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