Friday , May 20 2022
5 annoying things online skincare vendors do

5 annoying things online skincare vendors do

‘Organic’ skincare vendors are everywhere online, especially on Instagram.

When it comes to aggressively marketing products, endorsing Big Brother Naija stars and Nollywood celebrities they do it so well, but here are some things they get wrong;

When you have makeup on and advertise skincare products, one wonders why you have no confidence in your product. We ought to see their natural skin and complexion.

One popular skincare seller used two Big Brother Naija alumni and one of them had full makeup on and even fixed eyelashes. Amazing.

This is a close cousin of makeup, those who use filters also leave us wondering what they are trying to hide if their products are so good.

In a bid to show that their product works, they use someone’s picture who probably had their skin fixed by another product and steal their intellectual property.

Using only light-skinned celebrities will translate to sales because they provide publicity, but it is just disingenuous.

We know how the celebrities’ skin was before using your product. The products did not make them lighter or have a more even skin tone and if it did, show us how transformation happened.

Listing out the ingredients is essential. This will help people understand skincare better and even know if they are allergic to some of the ingredients in the product or if the products are harmful.

Finally skincare vendors should make a more conscious effort to be dermatogically accurate.

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