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5 clear signs your body needs probiotics

5 clear signs your body needs probiotics

Therefore, the main job of probiotics, or good bacteria, is to maintain a healthy balance in your body by reintroducing a healthy mix of bacteria needed for healthy digestion.

You can find probiotics in supplements(Capsules, pills, powders and liquids) and some foods, like yogurt.

Want to know if you need probiotics, here are 5 clear signs your body needs it.

Antibiotic means anti-life, which is the exact opposite of probiotic, which means pro-life. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria in the body, and they do not discriminate between the bad and the good. As they kill off bad bacteria that are wreaking havoc in your body, they’re also killing off a large population of the good bacteria in your gut.

So if you have ever taken a round of antibiotics whether recently or a while ago, consider taking a probiotic to reintroduce the healthy flora back into the body.

Also, it is advised you start using probiotics right after you finish a round of antibiotics. 2. You have digestive issues

Digestive issues is often be caused by an unbalance in your gut. If you are suffering from a condition of the digestive tract like gas, bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, then you should consider using a probiotic supplement.

Oftentimes the simple addition of these healthy bacteria can eliminate symptoms, and no further treatment is needed.

3. You have recurring yeast infections

If you suffer from recurring yeast infections and Candida, then this is a good indicator that there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the body. Probiotics, or good bacteria, remove the bad bacteria, helping to relieve the body of the symptoms attributed to the overgrowth.

A healthy stomach should be combatting the overgrowth of yeasts, so try probiotics to settle your gut.

It is said that an unhealthy gut may increase inflammation and alter the proper functioning of the immune system.

Probiotics have been clinically found to boost the immune system and strengthen the body’s defenses against illness. Healthy bacteria can train your immune system to distinguish between “foreign” microbes and those originating in your body, making probiotics the best front line against infection.

Your skin and gut may seem like distant body systems, but they’re actually highly linked. Research has found that the quality of your digestive system can show up directly on your skin!

Skin issues such as acne, eczema, rashes or psoriasis are often symptoms of probiotics deficiency.

A combo of a great human-strain probiotic supplement and a fiber-rich diet will do your body a lot of good.

Note: Ask your doctor if taking probiotics is a good idea for you. In general, probiotic foods and supplements are thought to be safe for most people, though some people with immune system problems or other serious health conditions shouldn’t take them.

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