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6 common mistakes Nigerian makeup artists make

5 common mistakes Nigerian makeup artists make

The problem is finding the right makeup artist that won’t have you looking like a clown. Finding a good makeup artist is a difficult and expensive search. This is because some of them keep making some costly mistakes.

Nigerian makeup artists make these common mistakes;

Ever had an experience where you told your makeup artist that it is “light” makeup you want but as she starts the makeup, you look into the mirror and it is anything but light?

Packing on too much foundation will make the woman’s face appear cakey and be in a glaringly different shade than her neck. The purpose of the foundation is to smoothen her face and let the powder stay on longer not to change her entire complexion.

Plus, the foundation is not supposed to sit on her face, it should blend into her skin.

This is a big problem, especially for dark-skinned women. Makeup artists need to get the foundation in one or two shades lighter, so when they use bronzer and highlighter it blends with her colour.

A general rule of makeup is to highlight only one or two features at a time. It should be done in moderation and not like a new face is being made.

Secondly, use a bronzer sparingly, using it all over your face will make the client look like a glowstick. Take a blush brush, fluff the excess product and use it on your cheekbones and bridge of your nose. It doesn’t have to be too much.

Just like with other products, the shade used is very important. Using a shade of contour that is too dark is a bad idea from the jump. Only go one or two shades darker.

Plus, you need to blend the contour properly with other things you’ve applied. We do not need to be seeing the contour lines. When you are done, apply the setting spray.

You also need to consider the shape of your client’s face when contouring to avoid stories that touch.

You need to prime your skin for makeup. Using a primer smooths out your face and makes your makeup last longer.

The eyebrows should be subtle. You don’t need to make her eyebrows so thick and prominent they should look as natural as possible.

Some makeup artists highlight the eyebrows too much, and I can’t help but wonder about the point of that.

The general rule to better makeup is doing every single technique in moderation, you are not trying to alter the client’s face but enhance how she looks

If you do too much, she looks ridiculous, and you do not want her to look like that.

You do not want to use filters before she looks beautiful in pictures. Plus, she would be going out in public, and people will see her without filters.

Finally, you need to find products in your client’s shades and blend them in properly.

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