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5 fun activities that do not feel like exercise

5 fun activities that do not feel like exercise

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Thinking of a fun way to work out and lose weight would inspire you to lose weight.

Here are some workouts that do not even feel like exercise.

Dancing is a form of cardio exercise. It gets your blood pumping, gets you sweaty, and helps you lose weight.

Joining a dance class is a perfect way to exercise and have fun.

Taking walks at night can just be a way to keep fit. It can be a planned or unplanned walk. Nightly strolls can be very calming on the mind.

If you have a dog, taking it out for a walk is also fun and healthy for the dog.

The rigour of coitus can be fun and also serve as cardio. A little rump under the sheets can be good if you are feeling too lazy to work out. Eat This, Not That reports:

“In a University of Montreal study, women burn off 69 calories during the average sex session, while men burn off 100 calories. And as you likely assumed, the longer the session, the more calories you’ll burn.”

Swimming is another fun activity that doesn’t feel like exercise. It cools you on a hot day and is a good way to work out.

A group hike or run is an exciting way to get out of your house on the weekends, socialise and have fun.

All the activities listed above are cardio. Cardio helps you lose weight, strengthen your heart and lungs and boost your energy levels.

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