Friday , October 7 2022
5 healthy snacks to munch on when you are bored

5 healthy snacks to munch on when you are bored

Snacking on junk food will hamper for your weight loss journey.

Here are five healthy snacks:

Popcorn is high fibre and whole grain food which means that it aids digestion and would not lead to weight gain.

Popcorn is great if you are diabetic and it prevents heart disease.

There are different variations of real fruit made by different companies, but the basic idea is that fruit is preserved and eaten as a snack.

They are delicious and healthy.

Non-fat or greek yoghurt helps you to manage your weight because it has fewer calories. Instead of soda or ice cream, take this healthy alternative.

Cashew nuts are low-calorie snacks to munch on. They keep your mouth busy and your stomach filled.

Whole grain, low sodium, sugar-free are your best options if you want to keep your mouth moving but you do not want to add weight.

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