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5 important reasons you should wear sunscreen

5 important reasons you should wear sunscreen

Sunscreen does not only prevent your skin from sunburn, it does a whole lot more than that.

  • Prevents inflammation of the skin

The UV from the sun rays has the ability to damage the essence of one’s immune-protecting cells. This can lead to inflammation, whereby the skin hurts to the touch. This happens because there’s immune suppression which decreases the body’s ability for these cells to protect us from skin diseases.

  • Reduces the risk of sunburn

When/if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you run the risk of getting sunburned and if the skin continually goes through this, skin illnesses might set in such as premature wrinkling, skin discoloration, or even skin cancer. To prevent this, put on sunscreen before stepping out, whether it’s a sunny or a cloudy day, and make sure to reapply as much as you can.

  • Reduces the risk of skin cancer

Because much of the skin comes in contact with the Sun UV rays, which can lead to skin cancer, it’s advised to always put on sunscreen that contains at least SPF 30.

Sun damage is one of the causes of premature aging as constant exposure to the sun without protection causes fine lines, wrinkles, etc. To avoid this, and to look more youthful and vibrant, wear SPF daily.

  • Prevents skin discoloration

Discoloration of the skin can include sun spots or liver spots that can appear on the legs, arms, face or thighs.

Applying sunscreen everyday will prevent this and keep your skin free of spots, young and healthy.

If you have sensitive skin, look out for sunscreens that contain ingredients like zinc oxide, or titanium dioxide.

For further help or clarification, contact your dermatologist.

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