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5 lonely but relatable adult activities

5 lonely but relatable adult activities

Adulthood isn’t a fun time as millennials and Gen Zs have come to realise – that is why companionship is so important.

Getting married, having a friend group, and belonging to a church or unit are ways to make you feel less lonely. Here are some adult activities that make you wish you never grew up:

Burying a loved one

Nothing can ever prepare you for losing a parent.

Somehow, you always assumed that your parents were immortal – like God and when one or both of them dies, it hits that you’re left to cater for yourself in the world.

Closely related to this is taking care of a sick parent or footing their hospital bill.

Going to the hospital alone

This one is chilling especially when you have a medical procedure to perform. I remember sitting alone when it was time for a dental procedure and not having anyone by my side. It’s almost a dazzing experience especially if you are used to being taken care of.

Nursing yourself back to health

It’s not only sad that you have to take yourself to the hospital, but you also have to remember to use your drugs at the right time, find food to eat and take care of yourself while you’re sick.

Paying all your bills

At some point during adulthood, you’d get tired of paying bills no matter how much you earn, it would be nice if you didn’t have to pay bills. Sometimes, you need a break from spending your own money. It was always to have an allowance or pocket money.

Living alone

When we were younger, we glamorised freedom, having no curfew and just doing whatever we wanted. After staying by yourself so much you don’t remember if you said anything to anyone all day, you’ll soon realise you need to have people around you.

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