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5 most common s*xual fantasies

5 most common s*xual fantasies

In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the survey revealed that nearly 85 per cent of women fantasize about sex on a beach.

Most people want to have sex on the beach, shower, car, elevator or office. Sex in a public place gets people kinks up because of the chance of getting caught.

Plus, changing locations also spices up your sex life, but it is important to know that you can get arrested for public indecency and public exposure.

The safest of the adventure sex options will be sex in a car or on a private beach.

The whole concept of rough sex became popular lately, using whips, tying each other up, spanking and playing the role of submissive and dominant partner – where one surrenders to the other person and the other is in control.

This kind of sex should always be with someone you trust and consensually. It is important to also use safe words and check in periodically.

A threesome, sex with a stranger or a friend and coworker. Sex with one person can be boring, and it is normal for your mind to wonder how to have sex with someone else apart from your spouse feels.

Acting on this fantasy might not be a good idea.

Many people fantasize about playing different roles and love to stretch their imagination. This could include costume-wearing or acting out roles. It is a childish way to have sex but its fun and many people want to do that.

Yes, many people want to have slow sex while looking into their partner’s eyes and holding hands. There is a type of sex called tantric sex, orgasm isn’t the goal but feeling every sensation slowly is. People in loveless and sexless relationships fantasize about this the most.

Having sexual fantasies is normal for vibrant sex life just make sure the things you do are within the law and consensual.

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