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5 natural body defects people are  self-conscious about

5 natural body defects people are self-conscious about

Although some people might see them as beautiful, others do not.

Stretch marks appear as long, narrow streaks or stripes on parts of the body like the abdomen, breasts, hips, and so on. They are usually lighter than the skin colour and so noticeable.

Extreme weight gain can lead to prominently red stretch marks with veins showing. Pregnancy and puberty can also cause stretch marks to appear.

They aren’t painful or cause health problems, but they can be an issue of embarrassment to people, most likely women, that have them.

Beauty spots and moles are little black growths on the skin. They can appear in different parts of the body.

Moles refer to these growths that do not look good, while beauty spots are beautiful, but they are in fact the same thing.

It all depends on the placement of the mole or the perspective of the person.

Although it is not too common, African people can have freckles. These are dark spots on the face and body. Nigerian-British singer, Sade Adu, and American singer, SZA, both have freckles.

Vitiligo is a skin defect that causes white patches to appear on a black person’s skin.

It cannot be cured. Michael Jackson had it and model Winnie Harlow lives with it.

Dark knuckles can be a reaction to certain creams and drugs, but dark knuckles can be gotten genetically and naturally and is not a reaction to bleaching.

Since these are natural body defects, it’s helpful if people are not stigmatised for them.

However, there is also nothing wrong with trying to change them if you are not comfortable.

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