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5 natural skincare remedies and their side effects

5 natural skincare remedies and their side effects

It is important to stop using them when you notice any adverse effects. These are five natural remedies that either don’t work or have side effects.

Semen is used by some people to treat their skin. Some bloggers have said it moisturizes and cures pimples.

Research has revealed that although semen exfoliates the skin, the effect is minimal.

A disadvantage of using this curious natural remedy for your skin is that it could lead to sexually transmitted diseases that enter through the mucous membrane or you could be allergic to it and have an adverse reaction.

Egg facial masks are used to reduce oily skin and tighten the skin.

A person can be allergic to eggs. Try it on the palm on your skin and the back of your ears first.

Secondly, raw eggs might be contaminated with salmonella and applying it on your face might cause you to be infected, though this is rare.

It is believed that lemon or lime juice can help to remove acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

But they are so harmful that they can leave second-degree burns on your face.

Lime also cause a reaction to your skin known as a phototoxic reaction. What this means is that the area where you applied lime might turn into a red blister under the sun.

Some people believe that urine would make their skin glow but, they are thoroughly misguided.

Although artificial urea can help to reduce acne or psoriasis. However, human urea contains 98% water and would be next to useless.

Urine can also lead to infection on the skin that is inflamed already.

Don’t be shocked, a lot of people and spas use breastmilk for facial treatments.

Breast milk contains some acids that heal the skin, treats acne and reduce pimples and irritation.

But, breast milk can cause bacterial infection if it was not stored properly.

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