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5 of the best onscreen couples of all time

5 of the best onscreen couples of all time

Here is a list of 5 onscreen couples that will get you screaming “God when?

1. Jack and Rose(Titanic)

Their romance, though short-lived, is very engaging. Not only did Jack save Rose from a sinking ship. The adventures they went on despite being on a ship is beautiful to watch. Their love preaches sacrifice – an important ingredient in the meal of love.

2. Sebastin and Mia (La la land)

These duo have one of the most unique love story. Their dreams are unique. Though they make wrong decisions because of their lack of effective communication, they make mistakes but like every true love story, they find their way back to each other’s heart. They show that love will always find it’s way to a person’s heart.

3. Forrest and Jenny (Forrest Gump)

A love story that blooms from the early stages of life. When no one else would make room for Forrest on the bus to school, Jenny makes one. And the love story blossoms from there.

4. Quincy and Monica (Love and basketball)

This is a love story of two people who have similar careers and dreams that will lead them in different directions. They have to fight and figure out how to be together through the turmoil and still get to achieve their dream. It’s a love story of fighting for your love.

5. Jamal and Latika (Slumdog millionaire)

Another story that begins at the early stages of life. The difference here is that the couple are orphaned children living on the streets. They get separated as kids, and they must deal with the difficult circumstances to get back together again.

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