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5 reasons to bathe with cold water

5 reasons to bathe with cold water

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Cold water showers can do your body a whole world of good.

So, what are the benefits of having a cold water shower?

If you are struggling with getting out of bed in the morning, having a cold shower will wake you up by increasing your alertness and heart rate.

Cold water will relax your muscles after working out. Immersing your body in cold water after exercise or working out triggers automatically soothing feelings.

If you feel like your body itches, it is a good idea to bathe with cold water, as it will make you feel calmer and reduce the itching feeling.

Cold water constricts blood flow, tightens your skin, and makes it glow.

Washing your hair with cold water is also a good idea. Cold water does not dry out the sebum (oil) layer in your skin, unlike hot water.

Cold water blood circulate around your body and deep within your tissues.

However, if the weather is incredibly cold or you have a cold then you shouldn’t bathe with cold water.

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