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5 skincare secrets for your skin during harmattan

5 skincare secrets for your skin during harmattan

For those in the North and Mid Western part of the country, the harmattan winds cause the air to be chilly and cold.

Here are some skincare secrets for the harmattan period:

You need moisturisers that have both occlusive and humectant properties.

Occlusives help to retain moisture in the skin. Once you use an occlusive, your skin will not be dried or cracked. Examples of occlusives are stearic acid, lanolin acid, petroleum jelly, paraffin, olive, and mineral oil.

Humectants on the other hand draw moisture into the skin. Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are humectants that can provide the skin with the required moisture it needs in dry weather.

Drinking a lot of water is the best thing for your skin during the harmattan period.

During harmattan, the weather is dry and you might find yourself more thirsty than usual. It is no news however that drinking water gives better skin. This is because your skin can also get dehydrated and needs moisture.

It is always best to use lukewarm water.

It might be very tempting to bathe with scalding hot water in the northern parts of Nigeria where the temperature goes below 10 degrees celsius but hot water gets rid of the skin’s moisture and leave it drier.

Moisturise sensitive areas like your legs, hands, lips, knees, arms, feet, and elbow. They are more prone to looking dry and cracked.

Harsh products will end up drying your skin out. Stay clear of astringent cleansers like Clean and Care or any cleansers with alcohol.

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