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Warner Bros. denies considering replacing Amber Heard in 'Aquaman 2' over domestic violence

5 things to know about domestic abuse from the Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp trial

Here is a brief history of what the trial was all about here and here. Now, to the lessons;.

If there is one singular lesson to learn from the case it is, men can be victims too.

Men can be beaten, slapped and maltreated by the women in their lives, they should never be afraid to speak out.

Many women try to aggravate or test how manly a man can be by slapping, hitting, holding his clothes and throwing things at him. All these are acts of violence tantamount to abuse.

A woman can think because she is so small she isn’t really hurting him, but that is still abuse. In audio records, we heard Amber say Johnny was being a baby and that she just hit him a little -that was wrong of her.

It is hard for a victim to come out. Sometimes to protect their partners, most times they are ashamed of what people might say. So, they keep the gruesome parts of their relationship in, and the abuse might be going on for years. This is quite deadly.

They’ll say something like, “If you cleaned the house as I told you, I wouldn’t have hit you.”

The perpetrator might make it seem like it was your fault like you deserved it but no one deserves to be hit, slapped or hurt physically by someone they love no matter what they’ve done.

Some people stay in abusive marriages for the sake of their children. Meanwhile, the abuse is going to mess with her child’s mental health more than a divorce.

Children should never experience domestic violence. Johnny spoke about how his daughter was negatively affected by watching their fights.

Leave a toxic relationship at the first sign of violence. Run as far as you can if your partner has an uncontrollable temper before it becomes physical.

Johnny Depp said he never hit Amber Heard, but many people have labelled the relationship as mutually abusive.

Amber alleged he hit her during their honeymoon, though there was no evidence to substantiate this.

No matter whose side you are on, it is clear that the relationship was toxic.

Even if it is just once your partner hits you, you have to leave immediately. Do not retaliate or listen to apologies, the relationship has become irredeemable toxic, and you cannot continue with it.

A relationship with violence cannot be mended and cutting them off is not easy.

Most times you need help from the police, family members, friends and to escape to a place where you are untraceable so fully extricate yourself from an abusive relationship.

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