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5 tips to make sex last longer

5 tips to make sex last longer

You dont need herbal concoctions to last long in bed.

When you have all the time in the world, it is best to stretch the sexual experience as long as possible.

Here are some tips to make you last longer in bed;

If your sole purpose is to orgasm, then you will rush the experience trying to chase that high. Don’t be in a hurry to climax.

I know you have not heard it before, but sex can be enjoyable without orgasm, and this is not discounting how great orgasms feel.

Condoms are important for many reasons. For one, they protect against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but they also make sex more enjoyable for the woman. Good condoms are made of latex and have lubrication that helps with penetration. Condoms also reduce sensitivity, so you are less likely to orgasm quickly.

If an orgasm or ejaculation seems imminent, take a break, and resume, this will help you last longer in bed.

For men, pressing the tip of the penis reduces the chance of orgasming quickly.

Kissing and sensual touches can feel so good and increase the chances of climaxing. Also, when a lot of time is spent on foreplay, if penetration and ejaculation happen in a few minutes it won’t feel like such a let-down.

Exercising will improve your ‘stamina’ in bed. Kegel, Yoga and Pilates also strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. These are ways to exercise your pelvic bones and tighten a ‘loose’ vagina.

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