Thursday , June 1 2023
5 toxic habits that destroys men's mental health

5 toxic habits that destroys men’s mental health

The masculine energy and the feminine energy are quite different and it feels off when a man tries to act like a woman. Progressive and liberal ideologies believe that gender is fluid. True, gender can be fluid but it can also be static or mono.

Here are some toxic habits;

Society has made it seem like men need to hold it together for everyone, a man who cries or expresses his feelings is seen as acting like a woman.

Expressing feelings of sadness and anger is important, it releases you from that emotion and helps you move on. You are not weak for crying.

You cannot provide for and protect everyone. Superheroes need sidekicks. No one is saying you should be a leach on anyone but ask for help if you need it.

Don’t drown in your troubles. Hyper Independence is a trauma response you need to unlearn.

Perhaps as a result of the past, some men have renounced love and would much rather sleep around. Even though opening your heart to another can potentially hurt you, you must move from the hurt and stay open to real love.

Shouting, screaming, and throwing things when things aren’t going well is childish. What’s even worse is when you do that to people closest to you who aren’t the cause of your foul mood. Your children shouldn’t hear that ‘daddy is home!’ and start running away.

Excess Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, and other addictions can be so unhealthy. Even football or sports can be a distraction from your feelings, no one is saying sit and analyze your feelings every time but don’t run away from them by self-destructive activities.

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