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5 ways to clean your ears

5 ways to clean your ears

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Others put keys, fingers, paper and anything that can fit into their ear.

Some others feel like the ears shouldn’t even be cleaned at all but, how reasonable is that?

The truth is you do not need to clean your ears. They are self-cleansing but if you start to feel like something is stuck in there then it is probably from repeatedly jamming things into it.

When earwax has completely filled your ears you could develop a condition known as cerumen impaction. The symptoms include a ringing noise in the ear, a foul smell, and aching.

If you are feeling this way, it is paramount that you see a doctor.

Using a cotton swab or sticking things into your ears can cause injury, hearing loss and rupture of the eardrum.

If you want to soften or remove earwax from your ear canals, you can do the following;

  1. Go to a doctor to help you remove the wax in your ears.
  2. Clean the outer part of your ears with a warm, damp and clean cloth
  3. Add a few drops of baby oil, olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin or mineral oil into your ear to soften the wax.
  4. Buy an over the counter wax removal kit.
  5. A syringe can also be used to irrigate your ears. The process of irrigation cleans out your ears.

You should note that cotton swabs or other objects do not clean your ears and the likely result is injury.

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