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5 ways to reduce your breast size

5 ways to reduce your breast size

Their bra straps might also be uncomfortable and cause them to feel neck and back pain.

Most people who undergo breast reduction surgery always say they have improved confidence and self-esteem afterwards.

If you want to reduce your breast size, these are some options available:

This is also called breast reduction surgery, and it reduces the overall shape of your breasts.

Like every surgical procedure, it presents some minor risks. It is important to perform the surgery at a hospital with a good track record. It also doesn’t come cheap, bear the cost in mind.

Since breasts are mostly made of fat, losing weight can help reduce your breast size.

Eat nutritious but low calorie meals like fruits and vegetables. This would prevent you from unduly gaining weight.

Drinking teas like ginger and green tea also helps you lose weight.

The kind of bra you have is equal to the support and comfort you feel. It also affects how clothes fit.

Minimizer bras are the opposite of push up bras. While push up bras make your breasts appear bigger, minimizer bras do the opposite.

A lot of transgender males use it to appear to have smaller breasts. You can use a binding bra or other binding shapewear to reduce the size of your breasts.

As previously noted, breasts are made up of fat tissues so exercise helps to reduce breast size.

Running, cycling, and stair climbing are some exercises to try out if you are looking to reduce your breast size.

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