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5 ways to take care of your aged and sick parents

5 ways to take care of your aged and sick parents

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Care for the weak and elderly is very important in any society. Developed countries have retirement homes for the elderly but very few such homes exist in Nigeria.

Yet, the elderly and weak need to be taken care of, just like we would like to be taken care of when we are aged.

When it comes to taking care of sick parents, people have different opinions about it. Dare feels that once he has sent money for medical supplies then he has done his best for his mother. He also makes sure there are relatives at home to take care of her.

Faith would not mind her mother coming to live with her if sick. Even her mother-in-law can come to stay, especially if they are on good terms.

If you have a sick parent, you need to know how to take care of them.

If you are not the only child of your parents, that means you have younger or older siblings. If it is possible, each child should take turns taking care of the sick parent.

There will be many errands to run. It is like taking care of a newborn baby especially if their condition is critical like dementia. Getting a maid or house help means you don’t have to run many errands.

A live-in nurse requires a lot of money but they relieve you of the task of caregiving and also help monitor the health of your parent.

You can also put an aged parent in an old people’s home, but make sure it’s located in a place where you can visit them as often as you can.

If your sick parent is living with you, try to get as many toiletries and groceries as possible so you would not have to run to the store many times a week.

You have to ensure they are taking their drugs as prescribed.

Cooking meals every day and with the responsibilities of taking care of them will not be an easy task. However, they may have strict dietary requirements that you might need to work through. If you can outsource the cooking of their meals, do so.

Ultimately, taking care of a sick parent might have you feeling like you have to pause your life to take care of them, but love requires sacrifice.

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