Tuesday , March 28 2023
7 best protective hairstyles you can rock

7 best protective hairstyles you can rock

However, you must be careful with protective hairstyles as some may become too tight and cause hair loss or make your hair too dry.

Before you make any protective hairstyle, make sure your hair is clean and moisturised.

Here are the best protective hairstyles for you:

This hairstyle keeps your hair tucked away for months. What is so great about locs is that they can be styled in different ways. While you have your locs on, you can carry out whatever hair treatment you want.

This should win the protective hairstyle of the year because they do not only protect your hair but are gorgeous and easy to make.

Knotless braids are tiny braids that start with your hair and not the hair extension, that really helps to protect the root and your entire hair.

These hairstyles both involve minimal manipulation, all you have to do is plait your hair in a cornrow and you are done.

Named after the late Musician, Bob Marley, these twists are always beautiful whether made with your hair or extensions.

This is a new hairstyle that combines twists and cornrows.

An ancient relic from the past. Bantu knots are easy to make and keep your hair protected.

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