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7 interesting facts about the MultiChoice talent factory

7 interesting facts about the MultiChoice talent factory

The initiative now in its fourth year, is renowned for intense and rigorous training opportunities for budding filmmakers to learn the art and business of filmmaking while providing platforms for their talent to blossom.

The initiative has birth passionate creatives such as Gilbert Bassey, Moses Akerele and Abisola Aboaba who have honed their crafts and are currently making waves in the Film and Television Industry.

Here are 7 interesting facts about the MultiChoice Talent Factory:

  1. The MTF is the first intervention of its kind in the film industry: The MultiChoice Talent Factory is MultiChoice’s structured roadmap to elevating the African film industry and it does so through its three-pronged platforms: the MTF Academy, MTF MasterClasses and the MTF Portal. Through these platforms, MultiChoice rigorously trains aspiring filmmakers in the art and business of filmmaking, upskills existing professionals and connects filmmakers in various African countries to synergize for awesome pan-African productions. This multi-pronged intervention is the first of its kind in the Africa.
  2. The MTF Academy is a 12-month fully funded training programme: Great things take time and at the MTF Academy, this is no exception. The Academy dedicated to pruning and refining aspiring filmmakers through hands-on learning and practice, takes on 20 students every year and channels its resources to thoroughly training them in different aspects of filmmaking such as multi-camera directing, sound, lighting, cinematography and scriptwriting among others, for nine months. This is quickly followed by a three-month immersion on various Africa Magic and SuperSport projects such as Big Brother Naija, Nigerian Idol and The Experience as well as many other Africa Magic original programmes. The outcome is 20 passionate and well-rounded film graduates who go on to conquer and impact their world.
  3. You get paid to learn the art and business of filmmaking: How would you feel if you not only got full scholarship for your dream course but also got paid to study it? Too much ‘awoof’ right? MultiChoice clearly doesn’t think so and is committed to providing the enabling environment for students to learn. Let’s face it, studying and hustling for daily bread is not for the faint-hearted and MultiChoice is all about the soft life, so they pay students a monthly stipend (in dollars o … faints!), provide accommodation and many other freebies just so the MTF students can relax and be taken care of … literally! When we learnt this, e shock us because never have we ever heard of such in this Nigeria. Still, we learnt that to be a student, one must be passionate about filmmaking and have started doing some work to prove their passion. So being paid to study isn’t exactly like a walk in the park; it must be earned. 
  4. Partnerships with international organizations: MultiChoice Talent Factory believes that the elevation of standard in the African film industry is rooted in collaboration. This is evident in the multilateral partnerships they have with reputable organizations such as New York Film Academy (NYFA), Dolby, Canon, Nihilent Solutions, AVID ProTools, among many others. These partnerships allow recipients of the various platforms experience in-depth learning and gain access to tools that change the game of filmmaking.  
  5. Academic accreditation: To ensure a solid education, MTF’s curriculum is developed and accredited in partnership with the prestigious Pan-Atlantic University, one of Africa’s most prestigious university. PAU has a well-earned reputation as an institution that provides world class education. Together, both MTF and PAU work seamlessly to equip every aspiring filmmaker for 
  6. AMVCA nominations: As a filmmaker, what is better than being recognized on a platform like the AMVCAs? In Africa, nothing comes close and the MTF students get it on a platter! The academic year ends with the 20 students producing 2 feature films which go on to be nominated in the specially created category at the AMVCAs – the best MTF feature film category. This category enables fresh-starts in filmmaking stake their mark on the industry in no time and adds bragging rights to their credit.
  7. Films on international platforms like ShowMax: Productions from the stables of the MTF alumni have the opportunity to be acquired by streaming platforms like ShowMax in addition to reputable platforms like Africa Magic.

Since its inception in 2018, the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) has been committed to unlocking the potential of young African filmmakers. Are you crazy about content, filmmaking and positively changing the narrative of Africa? Then MTF wants you. Apply now to be a part of the 2023 group!

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