Sunday , June 4 2023
Aaron Rodgers Didn't Appreciate Vaccine Question From 'Pardon My Take'

Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Appreciate Vaccine Question From ‘Pardon My Take’

Aaron Rodgers appeared on Pardon My Take on Monday. Rodgers, as always, made headlines after arriving at Green Bay Packers training camp looking like Cameron Poe and discussing how using psychedelics over the offseason has changed his view on life. Dan Katz and PFT Commenter had a lot to work with for this episode of PMT but the conversation eventually wandered to last year’s controversy regarding Rodgers’ vaccination status.

If you’ll recall, the MVP caught a lot of heat for telling reporters he was “immunized” when asked if he was vaccinated. During today’s podcast, Rodgers made fun of people who were focused on the difference between those two words before the hosts asked him how many grandmas he may have killed by not getting vaccinated. Rodgers didn’t find that very funny and said as much, leading to a bit of an awkward silence before they moved on.

Jokes occasionally go sideways in interviews. These things happen.

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