Thursday , October 21 2021

Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner Review Photos Price

My skin is very dry and becomes extremely dry during winters. To keep is supple throughout the year specially during colder months,  I always use a hydrating toner or essence. I have always loved Korean skincare products and came across this new brand called Accoje. I tried one of the products from their hydration line – Accoje Hydrating Aqua Toner. 

Texture – Texture of Accoje Hydrating Aqua toner is thick and feels slightly slimy on skin. It makes the skin instantly hydrated and supple. The formula isn’t greasy or sticky so it should work for all skin types or whoever is looking for hydrating toner. The extra dose of hydration helps other products to lay and penetrate better.

Formula & Experience – I like how my skin feels and looks intensely moisturised after using Accoje Hydrating Aqua toner. Regular use keeps my skin soft and supple. I have used up the entire bottle and it is one of my favourite product to use whenever my skin feels dry or dehydrated.

Formula contains Hyaluronic Acid which is quite famous for holding moisture in the skin. It isn’t greasy and would work for all skin types. I really like the toner and how it has worked on my skin. It also contains Jeju black radish which is is very effective on dry skin.

I use the toner at night after thoroughly cleansing my skin. I take around half a teaspoon and pat on the skin and it sinks in within minutes. After a gap of 2 mins I apply serum and finish the routine with moisturiser.

I have used up the bottle completely and it took me more than 3 months. This is a wonderful product I will surely repurchase it.

The toner is s hypoallergenic and free from 6 types of parabens, benzophenone, harmful minerals, artificial coloring, fragrance, phenoxyethanol and animal oil .

Being someone with very dry skin I feel that choosing right kind of skincare product can truly transform and change the game. If you struggle with dry rough skin no matter what skin type you have, do give Accoje Hydrating Aqua toner a shot. Its worth investing.

The Accoje Hydrating Aqua toner is priced at Rs 1,971 for 130 ml, you can buy it HERE


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