Monday , November 29 2021
Activist calls out Iroko TV for showing a film detailing her abuse experience without due credits

Activist calls out Iroko TV for showing a film detailing her abuse experience without due credits

Okodo recently called out Iroko CEO, Njoku via Twitter with details revealing that the film was a copy and paste of her sexual abuse story which she shared on social media in 2019.

The unnamed scriptwriter had gone on to lift the story using excerpts from the social media post.

“I reached out to the chiemela guy who says he bought the script for 100k. Chai!! My pain and trauma was worth 100k?

For those who said it might be coincidence, I am going to drop clips and show you screenshots of certain posts. The script writer was that dense to steal even my words,” Okodo wrote on Facebook.

Reacting to the allegation, Jason Njoku wrote on Twitter that he had ordered an immediate investigation.

Whereas I don’t believe we have received any direct communication, I have read this with alarm. I have alerted my internal content ops team (irokotv doesn’t actually produce content) to investigate this. My DM is open in the interim.”

The tech founder later shared that while the film titled ‘Ezinne’ was pulled down from the streaming platform an hour after his attention was drawn to it, he had no control over ROK TV which is owned by his wife especially as de-scheduling for television takes a longer period. He advised that legal resolution had to be between Okodo and the film producer.

According to Okodo’s Facebook post, the heart-wrenching sexual abuse happened when she was five and involved her uncle who made her perform oral sex on him and convinced her to ingest his semen. She revealed that the event had haunted her for 20 years before she finally decided to share her story.

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