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Ajebutter22 shares album cover and tracklist for upcoming album

Ajebutter22 is the definition of luxury [Pulse Album Review]

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The word luxury in music is often associated with rappers whose style embodies a flamboyance and lushness that oozes across their music. However, as far as Afrobeats is concerned, Ajebutter22 is the definition of luxury. His laid-back style, tranquil delivery, easy flow, and lush beats make him an embodiment of luxurious music.

While Ajebutter22 identifies as an Alternative artist, his third album combines Pop, Dancehall, Swing, and Afrobeats which are all brought together through an impressive lush application.

Across 15 tracks, Ajebutter22 engages in an unabashed flaunting of his flamboyant life while also engaging in a victory lap of his success.

From the opening recital, listeners get a glimpse of the luxury Ajebutter22 wishes to showcase. From the jet-set lifestyle to exotic junkets, sexual escapades, and a playboy lifestyle, Ajebutter22 paints a picture of his definition of a good life while employing relaxing beats that excel on its exotic appeal.

The records are driven by a punchy baseline, lush chords, and exotic horns that offer a Caribbean cadence allowing Ajebutter22 to sing about the soft life while employing the assistance of artists who joined him in riding a leisurely wave.

When it comes to his Alternative side, perhaps the most obvious marker for Ajebutter22 is his style of delivery that combines singing and pop rap through which he leisurely flows on the beat almost to a non-conformist point.

On the Pop record ‘Soft Life,’ he lays the melody while leaving Ladipoe to deliver a smooth rap verse. On ‘Enjoyment’ he switches between singing and rapping while Ajebo Hustlers deliver a remarkable hook.

When alone, Ajebutter22 flaunts his easy flows and his impressive ability to remain on the subject while deploying rhymes that sound so nice they are almost distractive. In the garage record ‘African Man’, he interpolates “liga liga li”, a famous line from a classic Yoruba movie that was popularized by Pasuma. He rhymes African cities (Kigali) with a big backside that’s indigenous to Africans and African delicacies.

For Ajebutter22, a good life sometimes means being a playboy with a deep wallet and a large appetite, and an inability to commit to one woman such as he described in the Amapiano record ‘King of Parole’.

However, Ajebutter22 also has a lover boy side which he doesn’t shy away from and he explores this in tracks 6 – 9. Ajebutter22’s strong suit is his ability to ooze luxury and while this was present in the track, they drag out thematically and sonically as Ajebutter22 retains similar flows and delivery hence providing for a weak run.

On the ‘One Dance’ styled Dancehall track ‘Finish Me’ where he explores his love for a woman, he does so from a desirous position. He lays perhaps the best hook on the record and his interpolation of Daddy Showkey‘s classic record highlights a musicality that runs across the album.

There are also moments on the album where the good life doesn’t center around what he can offer a woman or his desires but on his success. In ‘Floating’ he talks about being a successful businessman. He also celebrates fellow Alte pioneer BOJ whom he name-drops a couple of times as well as his friends in what is a victory lap for him.

While the album retains a mid-tempo while mostly retaining a Pop sound, it also explores Dancehall, Swing, Highlife, and Amapiano in what can be considered an effort in achieving a holistic sound.

He taps Kida Kudz for the Swing record ‘Confam’ which sonically fits into the album but lacks the sting needed to drive its enjoyability. On ‘Hear My Sound’ all the artists appear to be on the same wavelength which allows the single to deliver the required gratification.

The underlying lush element that runs through the album extends to the Highlife record ‘Dey Ok’ where he features Ghanaians Kidi & Joey B. And even when he explores Amapiano with Toby Shang, he still retained the soft life message.

One thing that stands out in ‘Soundtrack To The Goodlife’ is Ajebutter22’s use of language. He effortlessly switches between Yoruba, Pidgin, and English while deploying popular street slang to paint a picture of luxury in a highly relatable manner.

While the writing might be unsophisticated to some listeners, its simplicity is in harmony with other elements of the album and also easily reconcilable with the creator’s personality.

The album retains impressive musicality with the interpolations of Daddy Showkey, Gyptian, Pasuma, and Small Doctor’s famous lines. Similarly, the production delivered a thematic lush cadence achieved through the use of simple drum patterns, exotic horns, and smooth chords.

Sonic coherence was achieved through the album’s mid-tempo pace that sees the tracks flow easily into each other. And while the middle of the track could have used two lesser tracks, its extensive run doesn’t necessarily hurt it.

In terms of delivering notable singles, ‘African Man’, ‘Finish Me’, and ‘Amapiano X Shisha’ pack varying levels of appeal that give it a shot at resonating with different classes of listeners in the current soundscape.

Overall, a ‘Soundtrack To The Goodlife’ delivers a collection of songs that oozes the luxury required to paint a picture of a good life in the minds of listeners.

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.5/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.5/2

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