Wednesday , June 23 2021
AliBaba ‘Carpets’ Abubakar Malami Over Controversial Open Grazing Statement

AliBaba ‘Carpets’ Abubakar Malami Over Controversial Open Grazing Statement

Prominent Nigerian comedian and social commentator, Alibaba has weighed in on the trending video filming the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, SAN, slamming southern governors for banning open grazing in the region. 

Naija News understands that while featuring on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ programme, last night, the AGF likened Southern Governors banning open grazing  as Northern Governors banning spare parts trading in the North, considering the fact that Southerners constitute the majority of spare parts traders in the North.

Reacting to the video, the veteran comedian in a detailed post explained how flawed Abubakar Malami”s logic was, likening spare tyres business to open gazing. 

Taking to social media, he wrote;

I saw the Attorney General response… That if open grazing is banned, then spare parts traders should be banned. A legal luminati, sorry luminary.

You know he is a learned man, S.A.N for that matter. So let me speak ignorantly. There’re northerners across the country, doing legit business & abiding by the rules and regulations of the state in which they operate. Standard.

There’re tailors from the north, who make the best Danshiki & agbada in Hausa quarters & in other part of the country. Standard.

Kilishi, suya and Mai-shai, have become a part of the Nigerian food culture. Almost all who provide these culinary services, are of the northern extraction. And provide these delicious delicacies across Nigeria.

You see that recycling business of “paper n garawa” old newspapers (sold to mai-suya) & metal gallons, has been dominated by the northerners. No contest. All across Nigeria. Standard.

Black market bureau de change, has been cornered by those from the northern region. And anybody outside that northern divide who ventures in that eco system, WILL BE RUN AGROUND BY THE NORTHERN CARTEL. Standard.

You see the other one of security a.k.a. Mai-guard… has been their forte until many non Nigerian mallams started infiltrating the ranks. But in all, still standard.

You see all of the above listed services, do not cost the lives of anyone. They don’t involve going into a person’s land, letting your cattle graze all over people’s farms and livelihood and leaving behind unfulfilled harvests of tilled land & planted grains.

All Standard businesses listed are a live-and-lets-live mutually beneficial commercial engagement. With one not obstructing or disturbing the other.

Now open grazing is none of those. It’s not the standard. It overrules all laws of business & commerce. Destroying other businesses so yours can thrive.

Now selling spare parts or any other business the Igbo people engage in, doesn’t endanger lives nor does it involve carrying arms to kill people, so they can do business. It’s standard business.

Grazing is bringing Delta or Kano Taxi to Lagos & refusing to change the colour. Because the constitution allows freedom of movement. Taaaaaa”

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