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Americans Grapple With Tucker Carlson’s Pro-Putin Stance Juxtaposed with Russian Journalist Risking Her Life in Protest

Americans Grapple With Tucker Carlson’s Pro-Putin Stance Juxtaposed with Russian Journalist Risking Her Life in Protest

In a situation almost impossible to process through an American mind, Americans watched yesterday as a Russian television editor risked a certain 15 years in jail (and possible bullet) to protest Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The incident occurred only one day after Americans learned through a report in Mother Jones that the Kremlin issued a memorandum on March 3rd to the same station, requiring it to play more clips of Tucker Carlson promoting Kremlin talking points.

The conflicting views, one resulting in horrific consequences for a brave Russian woman, one resulting in an eight-figure lifestyle in America, have Americans asking a multitude of questions: Is Russia about to fall? Is Tucker Carlson an open Russian asset? Is it possible that Carlson’s focus on the debunked “bio-lab” theory is a pretext to a Russian chemical or biological attack in Ukraine, given the Russian losses rooting out a tough Ukrainian opponent? Worst of all, does the United States have an open Russian asset on the air as the country worries about the fate of a woman who literally has all of Russia talking.

Marina Ovsyannikova, the editor of Channel One, Russia’s most-watched news station by a factor of ten, held up a sign saying that Russians were being lied to and not to believe the propaganda. Under Putin’s new law, she faces a mandatory fifteen years in prison, and in the lawless environment that is Russia, where Putin has killed journalists before, her life is at risk. There is a chance that Russians will never see Ovsyannikova’s face again – she may just “disappear.”

Amazingly, Russian coverage of the event had an additive effect. CNN’s Anderson Coopers interviewed Yakov Conrad, an American writer, and linguist who had gone back to Russia to care for his mother. According to Conrad, pro-Putin outlets covered the event, only increasing the visibility and message, one that captured the entire nation’s attention. (Video Below)

It sends shock waves through all of Russian society. 

 Literally, it exploded. Everyone was texting each other, calling each other saying, did you see? Did you see what happened? And many of the human rights activists that I’m talking to feel this may very well be the start of the wave to see someone like that Channel 1 has 250 million viewers, it’s the number one watched station by most common Russians. For a lot of Russians, this was the first time they saw any dissenting voice.”

As said above, the almost inconceivably brave act occurred the day after Mother Jones’s report on a Kremlin memo ordering the same Channel to air more Tucker Carlson, whom Americans are increasingly recognizing as an obvious Russian asset. The only real questions revolve around whether Carlson took on that role independently as his own choice. Did he come to some agreement with nefarious Russian assets in the United States? Or, has the notoriously violent regime forced Carlson into becoming its mouthpiece? Regardless, he has been effective. From the Mother Jones’ report:

[T]he Kremlin circulated a talking point to state-run media outlets telling them it was of the utmost importance to run Carlson’s commentary. “It is essential to use as much as possible fragments of broadcasts of the popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who sharply criticizes the actions of the United States [and] NATO, their negative role in unleashing the conflict in Ukraine, [and] the defiantly provocative behavior from the leadership of the Western countries and NATO towards the Russian Federation and towards President Putin, personally.”

Tucker’s views have aligned so closely with the Kremlins that questions are arising as to whether Carlson’s reporting is now geared to prepare the West (and Russia) for the Russians’ plans in Ukraine. Vanity Fair set out some of Carlson’s post-war positions:

  1. Pushing lies about Ukraine and biological weapons.
  2. Claiming this is all a pretext for the U.S. to start World War III.
  3. Arguing that sanctions are not stopping Putin.
  4. Having a guest on his show who claimed the U.S. should stop providing arms to Ukraine because it’s “leading them on.

It is number one on that list that has people most concerned. If the ultimate horror is true and Carlson is somehow working with the Kremlin, there is concern that Carlson is setting up a situation where Russia might try to justify the use of a chemical or biological agent.

Regardless, the reverberations, two contrasting views, contrasting courage, contrasting morality, and contrasting future (Tucker, as far as anyone can tell, faces nothing but continued years with eight-figure salaries.) had Americans shaking.


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