Monday , October 18 2021

AOC Wants To Put Trump Supporters On A List? Put Me At The Top

That is the battle of our lives. When you have any doubts, watch some video clips of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC wants to make an “enemies checklist” to hunt retribution of those that supported President Trump. What within the heck?

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That sort of nonsense, not shocking from the likes of her, if true, is equal to inciting violence, and proof that this individual is harmful.

And also you’re not blind.

You’re witnessing the media doing what they at all times do. They’re attempting to create a story that favors their man.

Then, and I’m going to say when, Pres. Trump hauls their asses in entrance of the Supreme Court docket with mountains of proof of improper votes and has this bullcrap overturned, they will scream and holler.

This time I believe they went too far, and so they understand it additionally.

They’ve crushed the Russia, Russia, Russia horse to demise, in order that they’re activating plan B, which is to persuade as many as they probably can that Biden actually won already, after which Trump swooped in and stole it once more, simply utilizing completely different means this time.

I can simply really feel it.

Earlier than You Neglect It

I’ll elevate a problem no person right here will. It’s an vital one.

Individuals know one factor: absolute political energy is harmful.

What they don’t know is equally vital: cumulative financial energy might be equally harmful and damaging.

Prior to now, on quite a few events, in lots of locations, it was a middle of energy (a reforming king, for instance) that was extra useful for the nation than, let’s name them “magnates.”

Insanely rich people who collectively opposed a ruler, undermined him, and finally destroyed him and the nation.

We appear to have a barely comparable scenario. We blame the media reporters, for instance, however not Bezos, Slim, or the house owners of the media.

But it surely was to a major diploma the “magnates” that introduced us the place we at the moment are.

And sure, Trump brings to my thoughts tragic lonely figures of the previous who fought the magnates.

If we nonetheless can forestall Trump from changing into such a tragic determine and save the nation, we should do every part doable.

AOC Desires Bigger Voice Beneath Biden Presidency

AOC mentioned that Trump voters ought to be held accountable.

I say the anti-Trump Republicans ought to be held to account. Why do they hold getting reelected? Who votes for these turncoats?

On the very least, they’re squishes who don’t have any integrity in any respect. On the worst, they’re treasonous coup-plotters.

Ask your self what’s extra vital, “The Structure of the USA” or the “Progressive Motion”? For many who haven’t determined, “you solely get to decide on one time”… correctly.

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If the Dems in some way handle to grab the presidency and each homes, folks will begin to notice how proper Trump was.

Biden is a Malicious program for the radicals that are taking over the Democrat Party. He’s merely a facade.

He gained’t end his time period, and Kamala, most likely the most far-left (and least widespread) candidate who ran, will take over as president partway by, and it’ll all have been by design. Mark my phrases.

AOC and people of her ilk are, in reality, the fascists they declare to be combating towards.

Biden has a possibility to unite us, however provided that he rejects the left’s extremism and invitations significant participation by Republicans.

Maybe a unity cupboard?

With All That Mentioned…

Sweetie, you’re gonna want somebody to show you the right way to work, and I believe you’ll discover most individuals who labored for the Trump administration don’t have any want to work with a bunch of crooks.


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