Monday , October 18 2021
APC Chieftain says almost all party members are angry about Fani-Kayode’s defection

APC Chieftain says almost all party members are angry about Fani-Kayode’s defection

Reacting to the development, Lukman said that APC members were shocked by the high-level reception given to the politician, who had in the past called the party many unprintable names.

Describing Fani-Kayode, Lukman said the former minister of Aviation abuses, insults, and disparages everybody, almost indiscriminately.

He, however, urged APC members to show understanding and accept the decision of the party’s leadership.

He said, “Almost every member of APC is angry that our leaders have brought someone like Fani-Kayode into our party. This is made worse by the red carpet reception given to him, which he doesn’t deserve.

“But since it has happened, there is no need to cry over spilled milk. What is very clear is that our leaders, especially President Buhari have forgiven Fani-Kayode and embrace him as one of us.

“Contrastingly, those who are consistent and loyal to our party and our leaders hardly gained the deserved respect they should have.

“This may not necessarily be intended, but it is there. Be that as it may, members need to move forward with every confidence and commitment to engage our leaders.

“To that extent, therefore, party members should respect the decision of our leaders to admit Fani-Kayode and welcome him with a red carpet reception.

Hours after his defection, the ex-minister who once vowed that until Jesus comes, he would never join the APC, said he was led to the party by God.

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