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Are the Lakers having second thoughts on hiring JJ Redick?

For a few weeks now, JJ Redick has been the reported top candidate for the Los Angeles Lakers. NBA insider Shams Charania reported this news. However, ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski had the scoop last week the Lakers were targeting UConn men’s basketball head coach Danny Hurley. 

Hurley met with the Lakers a few days ago, but it was reported on Monday that he was going to stay with the Huskies. He reportedly turned down a six-year, $70 million contract. That would have made him one of the highest-paid head coaches in the NBA. Now, the Lakers are shifting their focus to JJ Redick. Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill reported that some people around the league believe that Redick doesn’t want to be their second option.

Would JJ Redick turn down an opportunity to be the Lakers’ head coach?

The Lakers had their shot to land Danny Hurley but he did not take their offer. He’ll stay at UConn to try and lead them to a third-straight National title. This offseason, the coaching carousel is slowing down but Los Angeles still needs to find their head coach. After failing to get Danny Hurley, JJ Redick is the Lakers’ next top candidate. However, reports around the league have noted that Redick might not be interested in being the teams’ second option.

That would be quite the move from Redick if he were to turn down the Lakers’ head coaching job. Redick has been linked to the Lakers for a few weeks now. Despite that, the team had to take their shot at hiring Danny Hurley. You can’t pass up on a championship head coach. Additionally, Vincent Goodwill noted that Redick might not want to be part of the Lakers’ “circus”. The media landscape would be shocked to see Redick turn down an opportunity to be the head coach of a storied franchise like the Lakers.

Jovan Budha of The Athletic reported that the Lakers don’t have a consensus Plan B after losing out on coach Hurley. Many believed the team would stick with JJ Redick as their next candidate. However, Budha noted that there are mixed feelings on what the Lakers will do. JJ Redick has no previous coaching experience at any level. Los Angeles might be rethinking their decision to make Redick a candidate in the first place. Will JJ Redick be the next head coach of the Lakers or will the team turn to someone else?

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