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Arrdee: An instant Cross-Continental Success [Pulse Interview]

Arrdee: An instant Cross-Continental Success [Pulse Interview]

For Arrdee, his song’s popularity in Nigeria greatly flatters him and it’s something he’s grateful for. Speaking about his experience in Nigeria, Arrdee tells me he wished he could have stayed longer.

“It’s like an experience I have never had before and I massively enjoyed it. It’s a shame I only got to be out there for 1 day but I hope to go back there and spend like a week or 10 days.”

Afrobeats is global and the United Kingdom is Afrobeat’s biggest international base. I asked Arrdee if he has had cause to interact with Afrobeats before visiting Nigeria and Arrdee tells me he got to interact with Afrobeats the longer he spent in the industry.

“To be fair, I can’t say I had but it’s a part that became more apparent as I got more into the music industry. But now that I have found I have quite a wide fanbase in Nigeria, my interest will definitely increase.”

Hip Hop is experiencing a reawakening in Nigeria and Africa and one of the artists bringing a refreshing element to the African rap scene is Black Sherif. After visiting Nigeria and seeing his song’s popularity, Arrdee has announced the remix of his hit single ‘Come & G0’ featuring Black Sherif.

I asked Arrdee the motivation behind Black Sheriff as the choice for the remix and he tells me there was always an idea for a remix and it happened organically.

“When we release the song, it was steadily growing in the UK. Then about the third week, it just exploded out there in Nigeria. It wasn’t even planned and it was all a blessing.”

Speaking of the choice of Black Sherif, Arrdee says “I and Black Sherif have always showed each other love and we interacted via Instagram. There was an idea for a remix and we never had anyone in mind but as the song got big the choice of Black Sherif just made sense and it was organic. He (Black Sherif) is a young talent as well so it all just made sense.”

Arrdee is barely 20 and he’s already achieved an admirable level of success that naturally makes him a role model to younger kids and even his own peers. I asked Arrdee how he handles the pressure of being a superstar and a role model at such a young age. Arrdee tells me he doesn’t quite see it as a pressure and he’s primarily interested in becoming a better version of himself.

“I don’t really deal with it as much as pressure. I have people younger than me or my age who you can say look up to me or are inspired by me. This will happen organically and it’s not something I actively try to do.” he says about the pressure of being a superstar.

Arrdee retains an impressive level of self-consciousness and honesty and this is obvious in his answer regarding being a role model. “I just continue to be true and real and I am young and I still make mistake so they don’t need to take anything I say as black and white. I just try to focus on myself and the only person I try to compare myself to is the person I was yesterday.”

Arrdee is currently on the rise and fans are taken by his music. Arrdee knows this and intends to keep dropping new singles that will keep his growing fanbase entertained.

“We have a summer smash dropping this month. We got a lot of festivals and tours coming up. And I’m working on a project throughout the rest of this year which we hope will be ready by early next year.”

Arrdee’s popularity in Nigeria now means he has a unique set of fans that loves his music and who will fancy seeing him collaborate with Nigerian acts. I asked Arrdee if there will be some Nigerian collaboration in his next single and he tells me it’s a possibility.

“It’s most certainly possible. We have a couple of ideas in mind although I don’t want to give anything.”

The Nigerian hip hop scene is currently experiencing a reawakening led by young rappers who blend indigenous sound and foreign elements to deliver a new flavor. Going by the reception he received in Nigeria, Arrdee’s music has found an attentive audience in a large number of young Nigerians who admire his talent and are excited about drill music. And when next Arrdee visits Nigeria, he’s bound to have more fans.

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