Thursday , March 23 2023
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“At this point, to die is peace for me” UI Faculty President writes 26-page suicide note after battling health problems then disappears

A Faculty President in the University of Ibadan has gone missing after sending a suicide note to two friends.


Jude Nicholas, the President of Nigerian Universities Education Students’ Association (NUESA),  typed a 26-page long suicide note where he narrated the health challenge he’s been battling for years.


His plight began in 2017 when he had surgery for hernia. During the surgery, the doctor tampered with a major vein that supplies blood from his heart to his legs. Since then, he’s been going in and out hospital, battling to save his legs.



He said the damaged veins became varicose veins and risks becoming gangrene which could lead to amputation.


He added photos of his legs in the suicide not he typed.



He said he kept his health challenges to himself, using whatever money he had to treat himself, until he became so bad that he began visiting hospital up to three times each week as walking became too painful.



He then opened up to a lecturer at school, asking for help from Univeristy of Ibadan. However,  his efforts to get help proved abortive.



He said it got to the point where he began “using money gotten legally and illegally” to address his health issues.


He said money he made through cryptocurrency trading went towards treatment. He added that he also dipped hands into his faculty NUESA purse to get money to treat himself.


He said he can’t keep living this way, adding that even if he doesn’t take his life, he will “still be dying soon”.


“Death is inevitable,” he wrote.


“At this point, to die is peace for me,” he added.



Friends who shared the note on Twitter said he has been missing since he sent the suicide note out.



Family members of Jude Nicholas are asking for help to find him after the suicide note went public.


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