Monday , September 25 2023
'BBTitans': Housemates lose this week's wager task

BBTitans: Biggie tricks housemates again, saves everyone from eviction

One-half of the Royals, Ebubu, shed a few tears while in the garden. Later, the Royals told Biggie they were not feeling good because they were not used to being up for eviction during their diary session.

Justin said the same thing during the Juvone eviction diary session. Unknown to them, Biggie had a surprise in store for everyone.

After taking the housemates through a series of difficult questions from Lawrence, the South African co-host finally revealed it was a non-eviction week, meaning everyone was safe and no one had to go home.

As expected, a huge relief came over all the housemates who hugged each other with smiles on their faces.

They were advised that they keep their eyes on the game during the new week.

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