Monday , March 27 2023
BetKing’s World Kup Hub

BetKing’s World Kup Hub

This time around, however, they have gone a step further with the launch of their World Kup Hub for the 2022 World Cup campaign.

“How will this benefit me?”, you might ask. Well, read on to find out!

Unlike in a domestic season, time is even more compressed during a World Cup campaign and in Qatar, 64 games will be played in just 29 days.

Many of the players ply their trade in the world’s biggest leagues so they’ll be familiar to you. However, how they play might not be familiar. This is where BetKing comes in.

If you were to make a club comparison for a team as talented and stacked with talent as France is, Manchester City would be a perfect choice.

Both teams are stacked with talent in all positions, and both have legendary managers who won the biggest trophies as players and managers in the dugout. However, the dominance Manchester City approach games with is not how France won the last world cup, despite their glut of talent. That difference, is what will be explained in the World Kup Hub, along with other features like:

Breaking news: No matter how much you want to keep up with the World Cup, there will be moments that you’ll miss out on due to a busy schedule, it’s inevitable. If you’re watching for fun, that’s all well and good, but if you’re betting on the games, the breaking news that you miss might be the difference between you winning millions of Naira and lamenting ‘only one game spoiled my ticket!”.

Checking out the latest breaking news on the World Kup Hub before placing your bets will give you a clear advantage in landing those massive wins you crave.

Betting tips, in-depth analysis & expert predictions: Take a second to wrap your head around this – All 64 games will be previewed by BetKing’s world-class betting experts who will be sharing their considerable betting and WINNING expertise with you on the World Kup Hub.

Even better, you do not have to switch between tabs on the hub. Clicking on the odds will automatically add the selection to your BetKing bet slip, removing the need for you to manually go in search of the odds provided and giving you a much better betting experience.

Free-to-play games: Showing off your knowledge is another fun part of the World Cup. Do you know who has the most goals in World Cup history? The team with the most World Cup wins? The youngest winner of the World Cup? BetKing has provided a free game for you and your friends to enjoy on the World Kup Hub.

Come and show off your World Cup trivia knowledge on the hub and share your wins on social media for extra bragging rights.

For a taste of that winning feeling, join the BetKing kingdom today and enjoy the Hub!

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