Biden Takes Gentle Tumble Off Bike And MAGA Gets Hysterical

Biden Takes Gentle Tumble Off Bike And MAGA Gets Hysterical

President Biden took a tumble off his bike as he stopped to talk to people near his beach home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. In other words, the 79-year-old man out for a weekend bike ride with his wife did what any of us could have done if we were a nice enough person to want to stop and talk to the crowd gathered to watch us.

What the tweet doesn’t say but is reported in The Telegraph is that Biden answered questions after the fall:

Following his fall, Mr Biden spoke to members of the public and then amid the scramble, the press.

He said he would be talking to the Chinese leader X—Jinping soon. Asked about trade tariffs, he responded: “I’m in the process of making up my mind.”

He even talked about gun reform:

“In Delaware, I am. Did you see what they did in Delaware? Passed an assault weapons ban. They did what I did years ago. But I am happy with the progress.”

He then set off. “Alright guys, see you,” he said.

So that happened. The same thing will happen to thousands of dads across the nation this long weekend. Very few of those same dads will be 79 years old, out riding with their wife, and able to bounce up that quickly. But anyone who follows politics knows exactly where this is going and what the real story coming out of the non-incident will be. The storyline from the Newsmax and OAN crowd doesn’t require any clairvoyance:

At least this one below is original:

Speaking on behalf of normal Americans, glad you weren’t hurt, sir. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend. A beach sounds perfect right now.


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