Biden Wrecks Trump's UAW Strike Scam By Joining The Picket Line

Biden Wrecks Trump’s UAW Strike Scam By Joining The Picket Line

Donald Trump is reportedly going to Michigan on Thursday to use the UAW strike as a GOP debate distraction, but President Biden will be there two days earlier to join the picket line.

The Washington Post reported, “President Biden will speak Tuesday in Michigan to support the UAW, according to two people familiar with his plans, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a visit that hasn’t been announced yet. Union leaders invited him earlier Friday to join the picket line.”

Biden later tweeted:

The union and workers have made it clear that they would welcome a visit from Biden, but they have told Trump to stay away.

Trump is trying to use the strike to create a distraction and harm the ratings of the second Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which he will not be attending.

Trump’s event has all of the hallmarks of being a sham. Trump is going to invite members from other unions and former union members, but he will not be exclusively speaking to United Auto Workers.

While Trump uses the strike as a prop to disguise the fact that he is afraid to debate, President Biden is going to Michigan to defend the freedom of workers to collectively bargain.

By the time Trump gets to Michigan, he will be old news.

President Biden is welcome and will have a message that the President Of The United States supports organized labor.


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