Monday , October 18 2021
BigerTinz drops 6-track EP, Lekki Epe

BigerTinz drops 6-track EP, Lekki Epe

In the years since then, this hybrid sound has come to be known as afrobeats, permeating every side of the globe and acquiring newer influences, but the soul of the old sound still relies on the alchemic blend of diasporic sounds with the music of the homeland.

In BigerTinz’s hand, both sounds are in constant communication with each other, intersecting at high velocity to create music inspired by those olden sounds but retooled for a modern generation.

On his earlier songs like ‘Wonder’ and ‘1960’, the singer crafted boisterous anthems that gave a view of his talent.

A more rounded view of his abilities is gleanable on his newly-released project titled Lekki Epe.

Across the six-song project, the singers segues from dancehall-tinged anthems to Fuji-inspired bops that are as inventive as they are refreshing. On ‘Ota’, he links up with Afropop icon, OritseFemi, and rising creator, Tusure, to reflect on making it despite adversaries.

The track that follows, ‘Well Well’, is a mid-tempo dedication to God for making success possible and the grit that has brought him into relative comfort.

Smartly tucked between two verses, he fashions a heartfelt chorus that is as aspirational as they come.

The crystallization of his journey comes into view on the titular track which he affixes with personal history as a conduit for his dreams and the life he is currently living over tingling guitar chords.

Joined by Jay Teazer on ‘Sisi’, the flow of the song shifts to a breezy cadence that makes an addictive bop while BigerTinz attacks the song’s pockets with a prominent delivery.

The two songs that close out Lekki Epe are two sides of a coin showing the singer living in the present reality of his life on ‘You Know’ while being hopeful for what comes next on ‘Testimony’.

Born in Lagos, but hailing from Edo State, BigerTinz has spent the vast majority of his life in Lagos picking up the cultural dialectics of the seaside city as well as immersing himself in the city’s culture.

He discovered his passion for music as a child listening to music from the breadth of the black diaspora, but his attention was extra piqued by the music made by Jamaican acts such as Vybz Kartel, Beeenie Man, and Buju Banton.

Lekki Epe is inspired by the progress he has made in life since first putting out music all those years ago.

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