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Can black people get sunburn?

Can black people get sunburn?

The melanin present in dark skin protects black people to a larger extent from getting sun burn. When Caucasians stay under the sun, the effect is usually glaring. It appears as if they have a tan.

Although black people are less likely to get sunburned, they are not immune from getting skin damage, cancer or wrinkles from the harmful effects of the sun.

Ultraviolet rays have a lot of harmful effect on the body and you must protect yourself. Ultraviolent ray A from the sun leads to skin ageing and Ultraviolent ray B leads to skin burn.

Exposure to UV rays leads to;

Eye problems like cataracts

This is why black people need to wear sunscreen. You might not get a tan or feel the sun burning you but if you do not wear sunscreen you are opening up yourself to a world of hurt.

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun by always;

  1. Wearing sunscreen, preferably one with micronized zinc oxide and titanium oxide so it doesn’t give off a whitish hue. Use sunscreen with SBF 15 everyday.
  2. Avoid staying under the sun around 12 am- 4 pm
  3. Wear sunglasses or hats 

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