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Ceeza Milli's 'Rated EP' is a comprehensive artistic display [Pulse Album Review]

Ceeza Milli’s ‘Rated EP’ is a comprehensive artistic display [Pulse Album Review]

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Since Ceeza Milli dazzled on the hit Starboy anthem, he has gone on to replicate this in different songs and across different Afrobeats sounds. There was even a widely publicized dispute about what may have been the part he played on an Afrobeats smash hit by a Grammy-winning megastar.

However, all these colorful displays of his talent seem to have gone under the radar and Ceeza Milli has something to say about it in ‘Rated EP.’

When artists reflect on their careers and juxtapose where they believe they should be against where they find themselves, the result is always a solemn content that offers sobriety even to the listeners.

‘Lesson’ is a sober reflection of Ceeza Milli’s career and the lessons the journey has offered. For an artist whose career has seen different ups and downs, Ceeza Milli struggles to understand some of the hate and criticisms. However, amidst the tides, he finds a reason to be grateful for his talent, originality, and the success it has brought him. He believes in a superior power that has brought him this far, and he has an unflinching faith that he will never be deserted.

A great songwriter, Ceeza Milli showcases an impressive flow of thought conveyed in sober, progressive, and coherent lyrics. He says things not because they constitute a nice rhyme or roll off the tongue nicely. He says things because they convey the thoughts of an artist who has something to say.

The melody offers a soothing and enjoyable experience, and the backup choir offers a resounding vocal delivery that is simply therapeutic.

Ceeza Milli continues to express his thoughts with ‘Paper’ where he echoes the notorious fact that money makes the world go round. Ceeza conveys his laser focus on the paper through an impressive pop delivery that blurs the line between his foreign and Nigerian audience. While Ceeza Milli brought the Nigerian flavor through his mixture of pidgin and English, Sammie Ca$h brought the international flavor.

For the first two tracks, Ceeza Milli samples the reflections of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Aniklulapo Kuti when he was perhaps in his most sober state. Ceeza Milli is at a point where he can look back at his career and the position he’s in as a man and an artist.

For an artist with an elastic talent, Ceeza Milli displayed great range with the trap-inspired ‘M.O.M (Money on my Mind)’ that captures his desire for success and his non-hesitation to flaunt the fruits of his hard work. With a top-notch trap beat, Ceeza Milli delivered a captivating performance that showcases his mastery of melody and ability to make music with a global appeal.

An Afrobeats act, Ceeza Milli hasn’t lost touch with his fruits and he showcased this in ‘Big Talk’ and ‘Chop Life’ where he uses mostly pidgin to express his preoccupation – making good music and getting paid.

Ceeza has the ability to sing in a manner that showcases his vocal depth while also knowing how to deliver a simple and enjoyable melodic arrangement. He blends this to deliver an easily consumable performance on ‘Chop Life’ which is a Nigerian anthem for all those who believe in YOLO (You only live once). From the enjoyable melody to the ad libs laced chorus, and ragga delivery, ‘Chop life’ is simply captivating.

‘Rated EP’ is a statement by Ceeza Milli where he shares that while he deserves more respect and recognition, the lack thereof doesn’t take away from his impressive talent and success.

The track arrangement offers both topical and sonic coherence which propels its enjoyability.

The production and sound engineering are faultless as each song retains key elements that make it excel in the sonic landscape it explores without necessarily restricting it.

Overall, ‘Rated EP’ showcases the comprehensive nature of Ceeza Milli’s talent and ability.

Songwriting, Themes, and Delivery: 1.9/2

Enjoyability and Satisfaction: 1.7/2

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