Tuesday , January 18 2022
Chance The Rapper attends great grandmother's church in Ghana, shows school 'they' built (WATCH)

Chance The Rapper attends great grandmother’s church in Ghana, shows school ‘they’ built (WATCH)

Accordingly, this trip has been fulfilling and discovering one to the 28-year-old rapper. Today being Sunday, the rappers attended a church in Accra where the rapper disclosed that his great grandmother helped in establishing.

This Bishop Nkansah, he knew my great grandmother,” he wrote on a video he captured in the church whilst the man of God was speaking the church.

In another post, Chance The Rapper revealed that “my great grandfather was a pan Africanist and captain under Marcus Garvey“.

The Chicago rapper later shared a snap of school and wrote “they built this school in Jamestown as well“. Pulse.com.gh is yet to find out who Chance The Rapper’s great grand parents as he hasn’t given much information about them yet. See his posts below.

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