Thursday , October 21 2021
Chissom Anthony releases video for 'Glory to God in the Highest'

Chissom Anthony releases video for ‘Glory to God in the Highest’

Chissom Anthony does not only have a beautiful voice, but she also has a beautiful heart, one which is full of love and compassion for so many.

The official video for Glory to God in the highest is out now and it is a much watch for all and sundry. This is not just about the song, but it is also about the atmosphere that this amazing gospel singer creates with her lyrics.

The new video is of immense quality and spiritually scintillating; while also lifting the soul towards a better pedestal to commune and adore God. The song with the excellent ambience of the video precipitates a true ethereal consciousness rooted in the one and only true God which spurs the listener with cravings for more spiritual experience.

Another optimal reason why the audio/video of this track is a must have on all our devices is because Chissom Anthony is spiritually minded, having been singing form the age of 8 in her local church and raised by devout military parents. She has not only shown her love for quality music in the audio of this track, but she sure did in the video as well with the magnificent scenery .She has set the pace for other music artists to follow.

The song is currently among iTunes Nigeria top 100 charts and trending as no 2.

According to Physics org, since ancient times, scholars have puzzled over the reasons that some musical note combinations sound so sweet while others are just downright dreadful.

The Greeks believed that simple ratios in the string lengths of musical instruments were the key, maintaining that the precise mathematical relationships endowed certain chords with a special, even divine, quality. Twentieth-century composers, on the other hand, have leaned toward the notion that musical tastes are really all in what you are used to hearing.

One thing is very imperative; and it is that the realm of divine musical inspiration transcends elementary, scientific, sociological, and anthropological analysis of good music. The song is highly inspired and the title Glory to God in the Highest is what should be on our lips daily even when we find ourselves in irksome situations.

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Below is a 1 minute video clip of the song

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