Thursday , January 20 2022
Chris Fowler Has Shared a Document

Chris Fowler Has Shared a Document

Chris Fowler is in the middle of an 11-day stretch in which he’ll call a College Football Playoff semifinal game in Miami, an epic Rose Bowl between Ohio State and Utah, today’s NFL finale between the Chiefs and Broncos, and the College Football Playoff championship game. Then he’ll jump right into preparation for the Australian Open. Like an accountant in April, this is his crazy time of year.

The versatile and venerable ESPN voice joined The Big Lead for a conversation about his busy schedule, enjoying the moments, the unusual circumstances surrounding the last title game featuring Alabama and Georgia, and the search for relaxed energy.

The Big Lead: How do you view your role in these historic events, whether it be the college football games that matter most or a championship match at a Grand Slam?

Chris Fowler: The games or matches when they’re at that level are part of the history of the sport. I view that as a responsibility to document that chapter in history. Not that my call is historic but what we’re watching is, so you do your best to document that.

That just sets apart the play-by-play role from the pundit’s role or the host’s role. When you document something, it’s not about your opinion or your personality. It’s about what’s happening on the field or court. To me, the ones that have done that well are the ones I respect the most. Obviously, you’re going to put your personality on it, you’re going to bring to bear your experiences but ultimately it’s about telling the viewer what’s going on.

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