Thursday , March 23 2023
Conor McGregor responds to Jorge Masvidal fight proposition with adult joke

Conor McGregor responds to Jorge Masvidal fight proposition with adult joke

“He’ll say something like that, but he won’t say anything about a fight or a fight date. So the Conor thing, he just wants it ‘I hope it goes away because he doesn’t want to fight. He doesn’t mention [me] or say anything.” Masvidal said.

The Gamebred fighter then went on to make his feelings known to McGregor, using the platform to send him a clear warning. “You do whatever you want, but don’t say you’re a fighter and don’t take cheap shots at me, especially the things that he’s been saying, talking about my legal problems and this and that,” Masvidal said.

Masvidal ought to know better than to take anything Conor McGregor says or does with more than a pinch of salt. The boisterous Irishman is a skilled fighter without a doubt but is an even bigger troll, known for making audacious comments whenever the opportunity arises.

On Tuesday, in typical Mcgregor fashion, he gave Masvidal a response not many were expecting, making comments to suggest that the Florida-born fighter has got the wrong idea.“Insult your mom? What a loser you are, mate. Me and your mom get along,” Mcgregor said.

McGregor has been out of the octagon for almost a year since breaking his leg at UFC 264. While Masvidal recently suffered his third loss in a row after losing to his former teammate Colby Covington at UFC 272.

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