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Dabur Baby Cream Review Photos Price In India

Today I am up with another review; it’s about Dabur Baby Cream. My combination skin feels flaky dry during the winter cold. My skin is pretty acne prone. Naturally, I have to steer clear of basic cold creams that everyone seems to love. They clog my pores and I am left with bad bouts of acne during the winter festivities.Dabur Baby Cream Review Photos Price

Over the years I have experimented a lot with all types of facial moisturizers. Among all types of skin nourishers, baby creams works really nicely on my skin. Baby creams are moisturizing enough. They are made with milder ingredients, almost no harmful preservatives and light fragrances.

This year Dabur came up with their new baby products range. The packaging looked attractive and it had good reviews on the web. Dabur already had a baby range but this time they discontinued their old collection and launched this new range.

This range consists of baby oil, baby wash, baby lotion and a baby cream. I was in need of a face moisturizing cream so I invested in Dabur Baby Cream. Here’s what I feel about this baby cream.Dabur Baby Cream Review Photos Price

About Dabur Baby Cream

Dabur Baby Cream is enriched with baby loving ayurvedic herbs and it has been developed to match the PH balance of baby skin. It has power of Aloe vera, winter cherry, Almond and Licorice to provide daily moisturising to your baby’s skin and to protect chafing, ‘crawler’s knee’, tender nose and rubbed elbows of baby’s.

Dabur Baby Cream also offers protection against irritating wetness and windburn. Dabur Baby Cream’s specially developed formulation not only moisturizes baby’s skin but also preserves its natural softness.

Packaging: This baby cream comes in a white plastic tube. This cream is available in 200gm and 100gm size. But, you’ll see the 200gm size everywhere. I have also bought this bigger size. This tube is quite bulky and its green coloured flip cap feels a bit flimsy for it. I had ordered this cream from amazon.

The product was delivered within 48 hours but the cap was broken in transit. Cream didn’t leak off though. I hope Dabur makes the cap a bit sturdy from now. The packaging is very simple. You’ll have to look in the sticker label for detailed information. Full ingredient list is given in the packaging.Dabur Baby Cream Review Photos Price

Colour & Consistency: Dabur Baby Cream is pure white. Its consistency is thick and creamy. As you apply and massage it into your skin, the cream gets completely absorbed. Seeing the texture I thought it will be a heavy cream.

But, the formula is quite breathable and light. It contains glycerine, silicone based moisturizers and various natural oils. It is a paraben free formula. This is a pH balanced cream.

Fragrance: I heard baby products should have mild fragrance or should be free from fragrance. Dabur Baby Cream does contain added fragrance; you can detect this in the ingredients list.

It has moderate to intense floral and rose fragrance to it. The fragrance will be loved by floral fragrance lovers. For a baby cream, the smell feels quite intense. The fragrance lasts long. It might feel bothersome for the delicate senses of babies.

Quantity & Price: 200gm of Dabur Baby Cream costs Rs.280. Price wise it is a bit higher compared other easily available baby creams. You can get good discounts if you are buying online.Dabur Baby Cream Review Photos Price

This way the price becomes comparable to other baby care brands like Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya and Mamaearth. It is also available offline. You get this at drugstores, departmental stores and also at beauty or baby supply stores. 

My Overall Thoughts

I love emollient based creams for my face. That’s why I always look for ingredients like glycerine, honey or cetearyl alcohol. Cetearyl alcohol is not actually the drying alcohol we find in sanitizers and astringent toners. This mild organic alcohol is actually a moisturizer that soothes the skin without clogging pores.

This Dabur Baby Cream is also based on this ingredient. It also has some other moisturizers such as dimethicone, glycerine and stearic acid. Though the featured ingredients of this cream are aloe, winter cherry, almond, licorice; they are present in less amounts.

Ingredient wise, Dabur Baby Cream is a basic moisturizer with skin nourishing fatty acids. It is paraben free but contains artificial fragrance.

Coming to the performance, the cream feels very thick at first because it contains some skin-safe thickening agents. As you massage it into the skin, it gets absorbed leaving a light moisturized feel.

It is not a greasy cream; I can easily use it in summer as well. It does not cause any ace eruptions or skin issues but the fragrance feels a bit strong to me. If I keep using it 2-3 times a day it might induce migraine headache. My mom loves rose based floral fragrances a lot, she loves using this cream.

Rating: 3/5

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