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Dear Nollywood filmmakers: Comedies can be good films too

Dear Nollywood filmmakers: Comedies can be good films too

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Well, the narrative may be changing with the inclusion of films like Ile Owo (I haven’t seen it but, I heard it’s a horror flick) Ratnik, For Maria:Ebun Pataki, Juju Stories etc., in Nigerian cinemas.

However, if you must make comedies, they can be good, with taste and an aftertaste of essence. Cinema, though majorly for entertainment, can also retain some form of artistic depth and meaning every good film must have.

But when this conversation is initiated, the giants of the industry get their arms ready to pounce and wage a hard war against those who initiate the conversation. So much for “soro soke”

For them (these giants), making good comedies must be devoid of anything brain-tasking. Don’t get me wrong, providing entertainment is the most important function of cinema, but we both know these box office “blockbusters” films do not provide this entertainment.

With heavy marketing and good casting, I believe what they say to themselves indoors is that “den go watch am”

Tyler Perry uses the genre to discuss racism and other black struggles in American society while providing riotous laughter and entertainment. This is a sample of merging humor with some form of artistic message.

This is lacking in the industry presently. You can finish seeing a film and while it failed to entertain you, you still cannot find the purpose for which the film was made. A particular sequel to a film comes to mind but if I mention the title I’d be “moving mad

Imagine the low number we’d have when we have to point to films made in the same industry that have managed to entertain and yet provide artistic excellence.

If they won’t deliver on artistic depth and beauty, they should deliver on entertainment and quickly (Taiwo Egunjobi). This is beginning to affect the artistic taste of the viewers.

I may not know a lot about world cinema, but one thing is certain: you can make good films and they can be comedies.

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