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Did Terri exit Wizkid's Starboy Records? [Pulse Exclusive]

Did Terri exit Wizkid’s Starboy Records? [Pulse Exclusive]

At the time, different sources rumoured that he had exited the label.

Further food for thought arrived in the form of his latest EP, In Transit, which is his first body of work since ‘Afro Series.

Like the singles before it, the EP was credited to Terri/OneRPM on streaming platforms. The African operations of OneRPM is led by Terri’s manager, Osagie Osarenz.

The most illuminating perspective

The most illuminating perspective comes from someone who works closely with both OneRPM and Starboy.

The person tells Pulse, “Terri is still signed to Starboy. Terms of the contract doesn’t specify a number of albums, just a number of years. And at this time, Terri has a valid contract with the label.

About a year ago, Wizkid – who is like a big brother to Terri – feared that Terri might get complacent as [Wiz] becomes more involved with his crossover. So he sought to hand over Terri’s affairs to someone with a similar passion and ties, who could also help him make great music, as he continues his journey towards stardom.

Essentially, that person portrayed the move as one inspired by love. He also tells Pulse that nothing is being remitted to Wizkid and Starboy because Wizkid doesn’t see the point.

“How much will Wiz make from Terri? [laughs],” he quips. “He sees Terri as his little brother and Terri sees Wiz as his big brother. Wiz just wants to see him do well. All the proceeds from his music will depend on terms of his contract with OneRPM, but Wiz is more concerned with seeing Terri blossom.

This is not dissimilar to how Davido operates DMW. Like Starboy, it’s become an avenue to see young artists blossom and achieve their dreams, as opposed to a strict profit-making venture.

Terri is independent, but it’s lowkey,” asserts another source, who claims to have knowledge on the issue.

Two other people then provide further compelling perspectives.

Both of them leaned towards a simple reality: Even if Terri has left Starboy, he owes a lot of loyalty and an eternal debt of gratitude to Wizkid. Thus, it’s unlikely that he will ever come out to say that he left the label. They also note that he has too much to gain from Wizkid by being within his camp, than being outside.

Their relationship goes beyond words and terms on a paper,” says one of them. “I’m not even sure they still think in terms of contract and its expiration. Terri now lives fine, and that’s due to Wizkid. That’s family for life.

The other goes further to note the existing relationship between Wizkid and Osagie Osarenz, who was the Starboy boss’ first manager while he was signed to EME. The person says that even if the contract between Wizkid and Terri expires, Wizkid still sees Terri as a part of his family and Terri accepts and loves that reality.

The result of which means: Wizkid and Osarenz might have simply come to an arrangement, which delegates responsibilities to the seasoned Music Exec, which would greatly benefit Terri, as Wizkid forges ahead in Europe and the Americas.

This reality is further enhanced by the continued support from Wizkid-related platforms.

Despite appearing to release three singles and one new EP without credit to Starboy, Wizkid News, Wizkid’s official Instagram fan page and Wizkid Source, the Twitter version would always share his songs with the popular ‘#ad’ tag.

Terri, a Lagos-born and bred Edo State indigene, signed with Wizkid’s label, Starboy Records, in February 2018. This was after meeting Mut4y, Starboy’s head of music and one-half of Legendury Beatz.

This encounter with Mut4y came about as a result of his electrifying cover of ‘Oshey’ by DJ Jimmy Jatt featuring Wizkid. It was widely shared on Instagram.

After joining Starboy, Terri then collaborated with Wizkid, Ceeza Milli, and Spotless on the mega hit single ‘Soco,’ which was released on February 21, 2018. It served as a precursor to his debut single, ‘Bia.’ Terri released his hit song ‘Ojoro’ and debut EP ‘Afro Series‘ in 2020.

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