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DJ Consequence – Marriage makes me focused, responsible

DJ Consequence – Marriage makes me focused, responsible

DJ Consequence – Marriage makes me focused, responsible

Disc jockey, Pelumi Akeredolu, aka DJ Consequence, tells TOFARATI IGE about his career and other issues

When was the first time you knew you wanted to become a DJ?

That was during my final year in secondary school.

What are your most notable moments/performances as a DJ?

I really cannot attach the tag of ‘most notable’ to any of my gigs. I consider them all to be great events. Whenever I am called upon to play at any event, I give it my best.

What are the most embarrassing moments you have had as a DJ?

I won’t say ‘embarrassing’ but ‘frustrating’. One time last year, we travelled to a town (to play). But, when we got there, there was no water for us to bath with.

What is the biggest sacrifice you have made for your career?

That would be me forfeiting the chances of playing professional basketball to become a disc jockey.

Did your parents support your decision to become a DJ from the onset?

Yes, they were supportive but with the option that I had to conclude my education.

Which DJs do you admire?

I like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Black Coffee.

What changes would you like to see in your field?

I will like to see an industry where every DJ is respected and given their accolades, whether they are up-and-coming or established.

Some people have said that DJs ought to pay royalties to artistes for playing their songs at event and public places?

I don’t think that is feasible. It is a case of us helping one another. If we don’t play their songs, how do people get to hear them?

Aside from being a DJ, what are your other interests?

I love basketball.

What is the lowest fee you have ever charged as a DJ?

That would be N1,500.

These days, DJs, including you, often enlist artistes to record songs for them. What is the inspiration behind such collaboration, and in your case, do you pay the artistes you feature in such songs?

It is more of an industry thing. These days, everyone is going into music— producers, actors, influencers and even record label owners. Most of the royalties are split between the DJs, artistes and producers.

Aside from scheduling conflicts and fees, what other reason could make you reject a playing gig?

I will reject a gig if I don’t consider the location to be favourable. I will also turn down a job if I won’t be able to relate with the audience.

You have been a radio and club DJ at different times in your career. Which do you prefer and which is most stressful?

I prefer the club scene, even though its more stressful. However, it is engaging because one can see one’s audience and gauge their reactions to one’s performance. Radio is less stressful. However, it can be boring because one cannot see one’s audience.

How would you describe the reception of your album, ‘Vibes from the Future’?

The reception was fair enough for an EP that was released at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take us through the process of making that particular album?

It was not an easy task recording and getting vocals from the artistes featured during that period due to the lockdown and other issues. However, my friend, Dafe, was of great help. It was his idea initially that I should create a body of work with the new and up-and-coming talents back then.

Many DJs indulge in either wine, drugs or women. What is it for you?

None of the above (laughs).

What do you know about the industry now that you wished you had known at the early stage of your career?

I had studied the industry well from when I started my career, so I literally knew everything. Nothing was new to me.

What impact has marriage had on your lifestyle and career?

It has made me focused and more responsible.

How did you come about the nickname, ‘The Vibe Machine’?

An artiste, Ketchup, gave me that nickname when we did a song together.

Some artistes look down on DJs in the course of working with them. Have you had such experience?

I have never had such experience before.

How do you unwind?

I play basketball and hang out with friends.

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