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DK Metcalf Has Challenged Tyreek Hill To A Foot Race

NFL players seem to be getting quicker and faster by the year, but Tyreek Hill has been widely regarded as the fastest player in the league for the better part of a half decade now. There is someone who believes that he can defeat him in a foot race, though, and the challenge has so far gone unaccepted.

Tyreek Hill Has Been Ducking The DK Metcalf Race For 2 Years

DK Metcalf is one of the most physically gifted players we have ever seen in the league. It is not only the incredible build of his body, but his world-class speed, that sets him apart from most of his peers.

Perhaps the most recognizable play of the wide receiver’s career was when he became a defender. Cardinals safety Budda Baker intercepted a pass with a running start and began heading down the sidelines. Flat-footed when the pick happened, Metcalf sprinted after Baker and made a touchdown saving tackle in one of the most high-effort plays you’ll ever see.

Hill, on the other hand, has a highlight reel full of defender-burning plays that show off his incredible burst. While playing for the Chiefs, he was known as the league’s most dangerous weapon, and was a big part of the team’s success. He carried on his dominance while playing for the Dolphins last season, racking up the most yards of his career.

Who is faster? There is only one real way to find out.

But apparently, it is Tyreek Hill who is reluctant to make it happen. Metcalf had a recent appearance on Undisputed, and told Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless that he’s done his best to get the two of them on a track at the same time.

“Me people reached out to his people. Just couldn’t come to an agreement. I’ve been trying to come to an agreement for two years now.”

In a successful attempt to make a viral clip, Sharpe told Metcalf to deliver a message to Hill directly into the camera.Metcalf took the opportunity to take a shot at Hill and his age.

“We’ve been trying to come to an agreement for two years, just ain’t worked out. You seen me running in the track meet, I didn’t race against no 30-year olds. I raced against some real track athletes. So, whenever you wanna do that, hop on the track, let me know.”

When asked what the hold up is with Tyreek Hill, Metcalf said that the Dolphins wide receiver wanted to do the race during the month of July, which is too close to the start of the NFL season for Metcalf’s liking.

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